Monday, September 8, 2008

One More Malvolio thaing...

Something I found about Viola and Cesario in a production

Martin Turner’s pyjama-clad Orsino swings both ways: he fêtes Kate Fleetwood’s Olivia, yet kisses Laura Rees’s disguised Viola full on the lips, leaving his courtiers privately gossiping about both that and the “boy’s” obvious crush on him.

About Maria:

Suzanne Burden’s Maria harbours a bitterness at Malvolio that isn’t only extreme, but, given that he nearly strikes her, seems justified too.

Patrick Stewart played Malvolio in this production.
The link is:

Patrick Stewart's Malvolio is hilarious when he hurls aside a gown to reveal a kilt above yellow stockings whose cross-gartering gets tangled, forcing him to hop off-stage after he’s shocked Olivia’s household by throwing her over his shoulders, like bagpipes, and beginning to haul her off to his bed. But when he vows revenge on those who humiliate him, the stage chills.

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